Our Process

The manufacturing process at the Elvet Woollen Mill uses only traditional weaving methods and machinery. Why not discover a little more about the processes behind our Products?

Step 1 – The Creel

The Cones of Yarn are arranged on the Creel in accordance with the pattern of the cloth. . .

The Creel

Step 2 – The Warping Mill

The Yarn Threads are wound in sections onto the Warping Mill to form the Warp. . .

The Warping Mill

Step 3 – Beaming Off

The Warp is now transferred from the Warping Mill onto the Beam, which fits into the back of the loom…

Beaming Off

Step 4 – Tying In

The new Warp Threads then need to be tied onto the existing threads in the Loom. . .

Tying In

Step 5 – The Cops

Yarn is wound onto Cops which are then put into a Shuttle to make the Weft. . .

The Cops

Step 6 – The Shuttle

The Shuttle carrying the Weft passes through the Shed in the Warp. . .

The Shuttle

Step 7 – Weaving

Now that the Loom is prepared, the actual Weaving process commences. . .


Step 8 – Fringing

In order to allow for Fringes, a section of the warp is left unwoven at the end of each run.